Dual Measure is a team of passionate people working behind the scenes to build assets and brands that are catalysts for modern creators.  In order to make great things, we have to know great people like you.

MotionList is our private list of industry contacts that we hire from for Lens Distortions and other Dual Measure projects.

We’re looking for:

  • Software/App Developers
  • Composers
  • Sound Designers
  • Designers
  • Marketing Strategists
  • VFX artists & editors
  • Cinematographers
  • Technical Support

Provide a few details using the form on this page and you’ll be automatically added to MotionList. If we have a project or position that seems like a good fit, we’ll be in touch.

Whether you’re interested in immediate contracting opportunities or a more long-term career move, we’d be honored to know more about you and have you be part of MotionList.