We build companies for modern creators. Dual Measure is the internal people and values that do the building behind-the-scenes, while our portfolio of brands and products are the tangible entities that our customers engage with.

The name Dual Measure comes from the idea that holding two concepts in tension often creates the best results.

We see the wisdom of paradox in so many areas:

  • logic and emotion
  • structure and creativity
  • hustle and rest
  • opportunism and restraint
  • confidence and humility
  • completion and perfection
  • common sense and contrarian thinking
  • exhilarating invention and good ol’ boring, disciplined operation

We are driven to build inspiring products, long-term relationships, and enduring brands.

In 2013, we launched our first brand called Lens Distortions with a single visual effects library and a vision to help filmmakers at every level of the industry achieve iconic aesthetics. Since then we’ve evolved into a full-stack platform for creators offering a cohesive lineup of music, sound effects, visual effects, and color presets. We’re fortunate to be trusted by legendary companies like Disney, The Mill, Netflix, HBO, and countless others and our mobile apps have been used by millions of people across the globe.

Along the way, we’ve had the pleasure of building relationships with and offering work to some of the most talented creators in our industry. We’re now doing this in a more intentional way with MotionList, our internal tool for connecting creators like you with awesome project opportunities in our companies. There’s no cost or obligation involved, so you should take a minute to signup for MotionList now.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed plenty of brands come and go from our space. The most creative folks we know would prefer to keep perfecting their craft and pursuing bigger projects rather than submit to the day-to-day burdens of managing a software or e-commerce business. That’s totally understandable, but it’s unfortunate that without a suitable buyer for assets like this, the industry has seen many great products go underutilized or disappear altogether. We’ve set out to change that.

Since Dual Measure is built by both experienced creators and committed operators, we offer an ideal home for products and brands to endure for the long-haul.

If you own something of value in our industry that you’re considering selling, we’d be honored to have you tell us about what you’ve built.